About Haku Productions

Hadas KuznitsHadas Kuznits joined KYW News Radio (1060 am on your Radio Dial in Philadelphia) in September 2002. She is an award winning news reporter, receiving accolades such as the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award, Associated Press awards and Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters awards for her work. She founded her production company, HaKu Productions, in 2006.

After graduating from Temple University’s School of Communications, she began her broadcasting career as an afternoon reporter/anchor at WZOE in Princeton, Illinois, where she picked up a Silver Dome award for feature reporting.

Two years later, she moved to WTTN in Watertown, Wisconsin where she anchored news, reported, and hosted an afternoon community talk program.

Before entering Temple University, Kuznits spent two years in the Israeli army where she served as an instructor. She also spent some time traveling and working as a tour guide in Europe and Israel.

She grew up in Montgomery County and graduated high school from Akiba Hebrew Academy in Lower Merion.

20 Responses to “About Haku Productions”

  1. Robert Drake Says:

    Hey Hadas – great running into you at the ‘Fresh … this is a wonderful site and I can’t wait to spend the day diggin’ deep!

    Stay warm and happy!


    • hakuproductions Says:

      Aw, thanks!

    • Don Lessem Says:

      Hey, Hadas – Know Wells Beach well, great kosher lobsters.
      Got something for you, I think – on Thursday, I’m opening a likely controversial kids’ exhibit on evolution vs religion at the weird Dinosaurium I’ve got in the Granite Run Mall in Media. Only ones I’ve told so far are your faithful correspondent, Robert Drake, and Kathy at Kid’s Corner. Wanna come see?
      Dino Don

  2. Deb Fishman Says:


    I have no idea if I’m doing this correctly or not, but I’ve been reading your journal and it sounds like an amazing trip. I love the picture with the baby elephant and you petting the tiger. I”m off to a decidedly less adventurous locale – we’re going to Disney. Keep enjoying your travels!

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Yep, you’re doing this right, Deb! Thanks for checking in! When are you going to Disney? The kids are going to LOVE that. Have fun!

  3. Esther Miller Dillard Says:

    Hi Hadas!
    Wow, this is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid, but never knew how I could ever do it.
    Now that I’m a new mom, I’ll have to live vicariously through you traveling the world. You’re site is beautiful. :)

    It’s funny but I found your site after doing some research about blogging…and establishing a website of my own. I was looking for ways to make some extra dough while at home and out the tv business.

    Maybe one day…..I’ll get to see the Pyramids like you.

    Keep up the great

    • hakuproductions Says:

      That’s sweet of you, Esther! By the way, I saw photos of your son on Facebook. He’s so cute! Congratulations! Hadas

  4. Albert Lee Says:

    I love it! I love it! I love it!

  5. Cheyanne Carson Says:

    Hello Hadas,
    Just surfing your site, and hoping all is going well for you. keep well, live healthy,
    enjoy the ride.
    Cheyanne…and yes Elvis is still in the building…lol

    • hakuproductions Says:

      It’s so great to hear from you!!! What’s new with you? I miss you! We sure had some good times in Watertown! You still there? –Hadas

      • cheyanne carson Says:

        Hadas! I lost your emaily….yes we had great times in Watertown! not in radio right now, just free lancing it…take care and as always, take care, and be all you can be…..

  6. This is a really good piece, I discovered your site doing research google for a related content and arrived to this. I couldnt come across to much additional info on this blog post, so it was awesome to find this one. I will be back again to check out some other posts that you have another time.

  7. Greg Salisbury Says:

    I am the editor of Inside Magazine, and would like to know if you could write an article for the upcoming issue. You can reach me at gsalisbury@jewishexponent.com and at 215.275.9229
    Greg Salisbury

  8. Susie Bowman Says:

    Finally had a chance to look at your Martha’s Vineyard diary and your wonderful photos of the Moonlight Kayak and Fall Walk programs. May we have permission to copy some of these photos into our files…some unidentifiable group pix, scenery pix, staff pix or kayak pix that have either you and Dan in the photo? Those kayak pictures are the best we’ve ever seen. We occasionally need program pictures for our flyers and newsletters and would love to be able to use one of yours.

    So glad you had a great experience on the island. Do come back!

    PS Lived in Phila long ago and regularly listed to KYW. We were sad that Phils were eliminated. (We were at the Vet in deep center field in ’83 when the Orioles beat the Phils for the World Series win).

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Hi, Susie! So glad you liked the blog posts! Dan and I had a blast and yes, you have permission to use those pics in promotional materials. We had such a great time! Thank you so much! The moonlight kayak and fall walk programs were highlights of our trip to Martha’s Vineyard! It really was a trip to remember! Also, that’s so great you used to be a KYW listener when you lived here! Oh well, about those Phills I guess there’s always next year…
      Take care!

  9. Cheyanne Says:

    Hadas…. greetings from wisconsin! How are you? Been a while…on a hiatus right now. Enjoying life and grandlids. Still make yr. Cuz cuz salad. I call it the “hadas holiday salad. Take care keep in touch and yes rhe zuchinni will be growing this summer….lolp

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Cheyanne!!! I miss you! It’s so sweet of you to think of me, and to hear that you still make my salad! Haha. Things are going great with mr, I got married this summer and we are house hunting in Philly but we are taking out time locking down on something. Thanks for checking in! Love those zucchinis… Glad to hear that the grandkids are doing well and you are enjoying them! Xoxo

  10. Don Lessem Says:

    Hey, Hadas – great to come upon this. I’m the dinosaur guy you entertained while you interviewed me at an exhibit of mine at the Franklin. I’ve opened a very odd little dinosaur fun circus/museum, Dino Don’s Dinosaurium, in the Granite Run Mall in Media. We’ve raised $25,000 for area schools and brought a lot of families to this failing mall in the few months we’ve been open. I’d love for you to see. BTW, Aviva looks just the right age to come with you.
    All the best,
    Dino Don
    610 457 6022

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Dino Don!
      Of course I remember you! So cool of you to find me on my blog! Thanks for the invite!

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