Pregnancy, Third Trimester

December 6, 2012

Some iphone pics

Ah, I am getting closer each day to meeting this little boy growing inside my belly! Today you must have been dancing, I felt you move all through the night. Quite a little partier like your mom! Today, I’m 30-weeks pregnant. To mark the occasion, I decided to go through my phone and post a couple of belly photos.

15 weeks:


22 weeks:


25 weeks:
(Okay, these two photos below were not from my iphone, but from Allison’s wedding photographer. I pulled them off of Facebook because I love them!)


26 weeks:


27 and a half weeks:


28 weeks:


29 weeks:



30 weeks:




Now, are you ready to see something REALLY insane? Below is my swollen foot. This is what they call “water retention” in your pregnant feet. I took off my sock and freaked out a little bit because the sight of my swollen foot scared me! I elevated it and it was fine the next day… just another one of those pregnancy symptoms no one really talks about! But seriously, how crazy does my ankle look, huh? Oh, the surprises that the third trimester brings!!!!


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