Babymoon 6

September 6, 2012

All the days are blending together…

Some of you wanted to see pics inside of the boat; so here are photos of our cabin.

We have a small bed and a larger bed in our room. Dan and I are sleeping in the larger bed and have put our suitcases on the smaller one. It’s not a very big cabin, but it’s a boat after all and it’s pretty comfortable. Dan took a photo of me on the first day; I know the bed might look a little small, but it’s not bad.

Each cabin has its own private bathroom/shower:

View from the bathroom (and we have two more portholes in our bedroom cabin, too.)

Aside from all the outside beds and the table, there’s also an inside table to use if you want to get away from the sun or the wind.

Speaking of wind, today the captain of our gullet put the sails up. That was pretty cool.

More swimming and exploring:

Turkish coffee for Dan!

It’s so quiet and romantic when the sun goes down. I love listening to the sounds of the waves from the boat; it’s so relaxing.

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