First Wedding Anniversary!

July 3, 2012

Fastest year ever!

To celebrate our first amazing year of being together, Dan and I took a couple of mini-trips to nearby hotels… but before we reached our milestone anniversary, I was determined to finish the job our wedding videographer couldn’t do, and edit together a short wedding video of our day last year. (I actually had to re-shoot some of the shots myself, but I think the finished product came out really nice!) Here it is!

Our wedding anniversary was on July 3rd, but Dan and I began celebrating on Sunday July 1st when we stayed overnight in Atlantic City to swim, eat and play:

Later, we got boardwalk foot massages (heaven!) before heading out for a nice dinner… and dessert.

The next day, we drove directly to the Loews Hotel where we got married last year!

We stayed in the bridal suite, and were reminded of last year — getting ready in the room, and getting married here!!!

We spent the afternoon at the spa, and later got dressed up for a nice dinner at the Loews restaurant. What great service. Some of the bellmen even recognized us from LAST YEAR!!!

The next day we ordered breakfast in bed and lounged around all morning before we left the hotel and headed home.

Of course that day was the third of July, which was our ACTUAL anniversary day so we had to celebrate in a very special way! We had a really nice dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant.

We even brought the top layer of our wedding cake to the restaurant, which had been sitting in our freezer for the past year! We asked the waiter to slice a piece of our wedding cake for us. The hostesses told us they had never seen anyone bring their wedding cake to the restaurant, but they loved that we brought our cake — tupperware and all! Everyone was so amazing to us on our wedding anniversary at the Four Seasons.

Wedding cake — one year later!

I have to admit, I was surprised that our cake still tasted fresh and delicious after all this time! We left the restaurant full, and decided to leave the rest of our cake there (because we didn’t want to put it back in our freezer!) I sure hope the staff tried the cake. It was sooooo good!

Here’s to a lifetime of happy anniversaries! Congratulations to both of us for the quickest year ever! I love you forever, Dan! xoxo

….and just in case you want to watch our wedding video one more time, here it is!

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