Nieces and Nephew Fun Day

February 20, 2012

Bounce House and a day at the park!

With Aviva, Leo, Ellie, Jen, Tamir and Hadas!

This was a super fun day with my nieces and nephew. Jen invited me to join the kids at the Bounce House. Ellie wasn’t feeling well, so the early part of the day was with just Aviva and Leo. Later, we had pizza for lunch, then went to the park with Tamir and Ellie and played outside. It was a nice way to spend a chilly but sunny day in February!

Our day started at the Bounce House. They were doing some sort of bounce day in the dark. Even though the darkness wasn’t great for photography, it was a lot of fun.

Here we are playing and climbing:




Eventually, Aviva convinced me to climb inside the giant “spiderweb” with her. It was hard work! She’s such a great climber (she’s done this once or twice before) and she managed to coach me through it, by telling me where it was easiest to climb and also saying things like, “You can do it, aunt Hadas!” What a workout for me! It was actually really cute. Is it strange that a 5-year-old was coaching me through a climbing unit at the bounce house?

I finally reached the top where Aviva was waiting for me.

Our reward for climbing was a giant slide!

Back at home, it seemed Ellie was feeling a little better:

Then we were off to the park to do some more climbing!

I think this photo is funny. They look like two little spiders stuck to a wall.

Then we started taking photos of us jumping:

Back at home…

Jen with her crew:

Then a little piano practice before bed:

Stories, kisses and lights out! Thanks for playing with me today, I had a wonderful time with you guys!

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