Kuznits Hannukah

December 20, 2011

With Aviva, Leo and Ellie

Dan and I spent the first night of Hannukah 2011 with Tamir and Jen’s family. My mom and dad also came over — so it was a fun gathering of me, Dan, Tamir, Jen, Aviva, Leo, Ellie, saba and safta.

When we got there Leo and Aviva were “exercising” on the couch:

Leo shows me his menorah:

Ellie is all dressed up for Hannukah in her wings! (It was so cute, she insisted on wearing them for the occasion.)

Our happy hosts:

Ellie “planking”:

Everyone loves uncle Dan! (Ellie keeps getting more and more festive. How cute is that menorah hat?)

Aviva let me braid her hair… then we got ready to light the Hannukah candles.

What is Hannukah all about? Leo and Aviva explain the holiday:

Time to light the Hannukah candles!

Now we need to sing some Hannukah songs. Aviva, what songs do you know?

The Dreidel song:

The kids get to open the presents! Dan and I brought over some wrapped gifts for the kids and Leo was looking at them all night — I thought he was going to explode, he was so eager to open those presents! It was so cute!

The kids were so excited about the gifts and were eager to play with them and color them.

My parents teased that they forgot to bring presents — but they didn’t! They brought blocks to play with…

Ellie gets a pony from Saba and Safta.

We spent the rest of the night playing and laughing and eating suvganiot and cake.

Happy Hannukah 2011! Thanks for a great party, what a fun way to start the holiday!

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