First Married Shabbat

August 19, 2011

Best. Husband. Ever.

I had to work until 7pm on Friday night… and Dan said he wanted us to do Shabbat dinner together. So when I came home, everything was ready!

He had everything on the table set — including candles, challah, wine and flowers. (We used the shabbat wedding gifts we received, plus the Tiffany candlesticks and vase that we got — and the special wine glass that Emma made for us.)

Not only had Dan cooked dinner, he also surprised me with a red velvet cake that he baked himself!!!!!

I recited the general shabbat blessings, and he recited the blessings over the wine and bread.

What a nice night. We sat and fantasized about shabbat with our future family. I told Dan he should learn the Shabbat blessings and he said he wanted me to lead them until he learned. Here’s to our first married shabbat together! I love you, baby!!!!!

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