Pool Day With Little Kuznitses

July 24, 2011

Day of water fun with Hadas, Dan, Tamir, Jen, Aviva, Leo and Ellie!

With all the wedding planning, the wedding and then our honeymoon, it had been a while since I saw Aviva, Leo and Ellie. When I told Jen I’d love to play with my nieces and nephew, I also told them that if they came downtown, I could take them to the pool — what fun that they took me up on my pool invitation! Since it was a Sunday, Dan was able to come and play, too!

My friend Allison, who also met up with us at the pool that day, had gotten together with a few of my friends to buy Dan and I an underwater camera for our wedding gift, like the one she and Brian let us borrow on our trip! I got to “break in” the new camera at this trip to the pool. What a fun time we all had together! Here are the photos!

It took us a few tries before we got the hang of aiming our photos correctly underwater:

After the pool, we all went out for pizza and water ice. We ate the pizza in the back mirror room at Lorenzo’s.

Then, we went to play in the fountain in Headhouse Square!

When the water was shut off for a few minutes, the kids looked for the water:

What a fun day!

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