Wedding! Part Four

July 3, 2011

The Ceremony

And now, time for the actual wedding ceremony in front of our friends and family!

Ceremony, as filmed by Tali’s husband (thanks, Gene!)

With this ring, Dan is my husband!!!

The breaking of the glass… and WE DID IT!!!!

Below are pics taken by our friends:

Tali took this photo of me, minutes before I was about to walk down the aisle with my parents to go marry Dan!

This day was such a whirlwind, I’m so glad our friends took photos for us! This blog entry is a compilation of the photos taken by various friends and family who were there — Thank you thank you thank you! (And if you still have more photos you took that you’d like to share with us, I would LOVE to add them to this post! Thanks so much, everyone!)

“Circling” each other.

Let’s party!!!

2 Responses to “Wedding! Part Four”

  1. This brings such a smile to my face!!!

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