Great Adventure with Yael

June 20, 2011

Amusement Park Fun

When the out-of-town guests begin to arrive, the upcoming wedding seems so real!

Yael came from Israel to come be at my wedding, and we decided to spend my day off at the amusement park, where we could talk, catch up and ride some fun rides!

Here we are riding the teacups:

There were some games to play — and they had some crazy prizes.

Yay! Rides!

Soon after arriving, Yael told me she doesn’t like rollercoasters, so I ended up riding a few by myself.

Kingda Ka rollercoaster:

It was fun!

Then we saw this giant banana and pickle and we just couldn’t stop laughing! We had to take a picture with it!

We stayed at the park until it got dark!

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