Israel: Day 10

May 16, 2011

Jerusalem Old City, then back to Old City Philadelphia!

We spent our last day in Israel doing what we didn’t have time to do on the first day, which was visit the Old City of Jerusalem. My cousin Itay came along with us.

Here we are wandering the winding alleyways of Old city Jerusalem!

We visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

This is the holy spot inside the church where Christians believe Jesus was resurrected. It was interesting to see people come and touch this spot and rub their items like necklaces on it.

Dan really loved the fruit juice stands:

Finally, we made it to the Kotel! Dan’s first time at the Western Wall!

We pulled out a bottle of wine and toasted this special event, being at the wall. It was a really nice moment.

Back through the market:

Then we climbed up to the rooftops of the houses in the Old City to sneak a peek of the Dome of the Rock, the place in the world where Arabs believe Mohammed descended upon Earth, they believe its the center of the world:

Exiting through the Mamila Mall:

After we got home, Neta took us to the Jerusalem mall so I could buy the israeli tank tops that I like!

Off to the airport, and back home!

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