Israel: Day 8

May 14, 2011

Tel Aviv station, Yaffo and the beach

The next day in Tel-Aviv we caught up with Yael, my friend from the Israeli army.

She took us to a place called the “Tachana” which is the old train station. they’ve converted it into a shopping and dining center.

We saw the freakiest little animal toy rides for kids.

Then it was time to shop a little…

From there, we walked to Jaffa.

And ate from the famous Abulafia bakery.

Then it was off to the beach!

And into the water for real!

Back on the sand, Courtney stayed dry.

We watched the sunset.

a href=”″ rel=”attachment wp-att-7154″>

After our photo shoot / day at the beach, we showered and went out to dinner. By that time, we were soooooo tired. Poor Isaac and Courtney had an early flight to catch, and I bet they were up packing for a while. Dan and I got to sleep in a little bit. Tomorrow we’d be spending the day with just each other.

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