Old Family Photos

March 12, 2011

A Little Kuznits History

I stumbled across some amazing family photos and I had to post them.

Joel and Ella Kuznits (Hadas’s mom and dad):

Sister and brother — Chaya (Kuznits) Rappaport and Joel Kuznits.
(Hadas’s aunt and dad):

Joel and Chaya (Hadas’s dad and aunt)

Joel Kuznits as a baby. (Hadas’s dad)

Joel Kuznits as an adult:

Chaya and Joel Kuznits (Hadas’s aunt and dad):

Joel Kuznits’s family of origin:
Chaya, Safta Leeza, Saba Moonya and dad.
Hadas’s aunt Chaya, Grandma Leeza, Grandpa Moonya and dad (Joel Kuznits):

Dad and Chaya with Saba Monya and Safta Leeza and some others:

Hadas’s family of origin with cousins, aunt and grandpa.

Hadas’s Safta Leeza:

Mom, dad, Saba Moonya and other family:

Saba Moonya and family:

Saba Moonya Kuznits:

Saba Moonya extended family:

Saba Moonya and Safta Leeza (Hadas’s dad’s parents):

Saba Moonya:

Saba Moonya and Joel Kuznits (Hadas’s grandfather and father):

Saba Moonya’s young family:

Aunt Chaya’s daughter Odelya (Hadas’s cousin on her dad’s side):

Saba Moonya under his “piano teacher” sign:

Saba Moonya with Sagi and Tamir:

Saba Moonya playing piano:

Saba Moonya and Safta Leeza:

Moonya and Leeza at the Kotel:

Sagi and Tamir with Saba Moonya and Safta Leeza:

From left to right:
Yitzchak Dauber and Toni Dauber (Ella Kuznits’s parents; Hadas’s grandparents on her mom’s side), Moonya Kuznits and Leeza Kuznits (Joel Kuznits’s parents; Hadas’s grandparents on her dad’s side), Fanni Feingold (Toni Dauber’s mother; Ella Kuznits’s grandmother; Hadas’s great-grandmother on her mother’s side), Yehudit Dauber (Ella Kuznits’s sister; Hadas’s aunt on her mom’s side.)

Hadas’s Aunt Chaya, Safta Leeza and Saba Moonya with baby Sagi (Hadas’s oldest brother).

Saba Moonya and Safta Leeza’s tombstone.

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