New Year’s Eve!

December 31, 2010

Welcome, 2011!!!

2010 was a pretty awesome year for me. I went on several vacations, fell in love and moved in with Dan! Oh, I’m gonna miss you 2010… but I have a feeling there’s a lot in store for me in 2011 and I can’t wait for the adventures that are ahead!

I had to work on New Year’s Eve, and headed over to the Please Touch Museum to report on the museum’s midday celebrations for kids — their Countdown to Noon!

Before the countdown, “King Count” introduced the numbers. Then the kids all counted down backwards from 10-1 as a giant beach ball was lowered from the ceiling.

Here I am posing with “King Count.” I have to say, I really like his Flava Flav clock necklace. It makes sense, we are counting down to New Year’s after all!

Outside, there were Please Touch Museum drummers:

Then it was back to the newsroom to finish editing and finish working so I could go meet Dan, Isaac and Courtney and start the evening celebrations!


Isaac and Courtney joined Dan and I for New Years. We met up with with my friend Jeff who was in charge of a special front-row fireworks tent on Penns Landing.

We kicked off the night with the early fireworks show over the Delaware River.

We were so close to the fireworks, we could practically touch them!

After a spectacular fireworks show, we hopped the subway to Barbuzzo restaurant. The subway was packed!

At the restaurant:

For dessert, we all ordered the famous Barbuzzo caramel chocolate budinos:

Next stop: Raw sushi bar, where we ran into Liz and Pete. Liz and I were wearing the same dress!!!

Then it was time to dance and party!

R2L is on the 37th floor of Liberty One, and we had an AMAZING view of the city. We could even see the midnight fireworks show on Penns Landing, even though we were 16 blocks away from it!

There were guys at the party, doing tricks:

And waiters walking around with drinks!


Here we are in the first few minutes of the new year! Helllooo 2011! It’s gonna be an amazing year, I just know it!

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