Apple and Pumpkin Picking

October 11, 2010

The Fall Season with the Family!

I stayed over my parents’ house. The next day, before going to the pumpkin\apple orchard with everyone, Jen dropped off Ellie so that Super Safta could see her one more time before heading home to Israel. Meanwhile, she went to go pick up Leo from school.

Here’s Ellie with dad and Super Safta:

Then we went outside to play.

Uncle Isaac stopped by, too!

When Jen came to pick up Ellie, Leo was with her.

Later, I stayed with Leo and Ellie while they napped so Jen could go pick up Aviva from school — and then I took her to mom and dad’s house to see Super Safta.

Kuznits ladies:

Me and Super Safta:

Off to the farm!

Isaac, Courtney, Jen, Ellie, Aviva, Leo and I took a tractor ride to the apple orchard.

Off we go to pick some apples!

Soon, Tamir joined in on the fun too!

Aviva carrying apples in her dress:

Tractor ride back to the entrance of the farm:

Farm art:


Over to the pumpkin section of the farm! Time to pick pumpkins!

Fun with gords:

….and back to the pumpkins

When we went home, we put the apples we picked to good use; we all made apple pie together!

First we washed the apples:

Then we peeled and chopped them:

Then we added flour, sugar and cinnamon:

Then we put the pies in the oven and waited for them to bake.

Before long, it was bedtime. Time to put the kids in pajamas and brush your teeth!

At the end of the day, after my nieces and nephew were in bed, Tamir had time to play with his new toy:

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