35th Birthday Celebration

September 19, 2010


My Sunday afternoon birthday brunch was so much fun! Dan helped me set up — so did friends of mine who showed up early.

Allison made a raspberry cheesecake:

Dan carved a watermelon pig:

And he helped me fill up an entire bar of mimosas. (We drank them all.)

Argo, Andrew, Bobby:

Bobby baught me a birthday hat… second year in a row, the birthday hat is now a new tradition!

We ate, drank, hung out on the roof deck, danced, talked and had a great time all day. It really was fun hosting a middle-of-the-day birthday party, and my friends are so awesome for celebrating with me!

It wasn’t long before we let loose and started dancing around! Allison shot this video of me singing, “Evacuate the Dancefloor.” When she posted it on Facebook she said I evacuated the kitchen. Haha. :)

Dan was so excited to see his niece Allison!

Dan’s brother Dave came to my party with his family. here he is with my brother, Isaac.

And of course there was birthday cake!!!! Dan got me an ice cream cake and got everyone to sing for me. :)

Then Bobby tried to take a photo with my camera when I set it down, but I guess he didn’t realize it was still on the video setting.

All too soon, the party started to wind down and my friends helped me clean up.

Best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!

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