Flugtag Philly

September 4, 2010

Red Bull Day of Flight

Red Bull Flugtag came to Philly and it was a lot of fun. They set up on the Camden side of the Delaware River and 34 teams were all ready to participate in trying to “fly” their so-called flying contraptions. Of course they all ended up in the water, but it was fun to check out their creativity and see their courage as teammates launched each other off the edge of a 26 foot pier. Totally insane, yes.

Some of the Flugtag teams were….

Flying nuns:

King Kong:

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

Tighty Whiteys:

River Rats:


Santa Crew:


Astronaut from Planet Flugtag:

Phillies Fans:

Dodo Bird (yes, the flightless bird with no wings!)

Trojan Horse:

USS Flugtag:

Teddy Bears from that car commercial:

The point of all these groups is to see how far they can glide off the pier. How far do they go? Not far. Most of them drop straight down!

There were thousands of people there!

It was a really fun afternoon of silliness!

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