Israel: Day Three

July 24, 2010

In the car, today.

Yael and I met up with my aunt and uncle for lunch in Tel-Aviv at this area called “the station.” It’s the city’s original rail station that’s no longer in operation and it’s been transformed to an outdoor shopping, dining and organic food market area.

Afterwards, we parted from Yael and we were off to the airport to go pick up my cousin Neta. She was returning from a week-long international youth leadership program in the states. It was exciting to see her!

I was only in the car with her for about an hour though, because from the airport we dropped her off right away at her scouts camp. She’s the busiest girl I know! (That’s what it’s like at 17!)

Then we took a little ride to Netanya and went to visit Safta again.

With only two more full days left in Israel, I want to make sure I see all of my family and friends, here!

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