Cycling Championship

June 6, 2010

Also known as The Manayunk Bike Race!

I was asked to report on the Philadelphia International Cycling Championship on my day off, and Dan was such a good sport about me working on the day we planned to hang out. He came with me to Parkway where I looked for “crowd” stories and interesting-looking spectators.

Dan shot a short video at the start of the race, when the female bicyclists took their first pre-race lap for the spectators.

He also snapped a photo with me and my first interviewee of the day.

Here we are with Erin the awesome intern:

The three of us walked over to the “feeding” section of the race, where team member hold out bottle and snacks. They have to eat and drink, after all the women ride for about 3 hours while the men ride (nonstop!) for about 6!!!

Perry, who was also an awesome intern deserves a mention, too. I didn’t snap a photo of him, but he was so interested in learning what I was doing — and when it got really hot he ran back to the media tent to grab sodas and waters! Love him!

Anyway, here are some of the riders in the “men’s pack” towards the end of the race.

And they’re getting ready to end the race!

Just as I thought I was finished, our producer on the scene asked me to stay because I had to run out to the middle of the raceway and get the winner at the finish line. What?!?! All those cyclists look the same to me! And anyway, cyclists go so fast that they don’t stop at the finish line. I had no idea how I would do this… then I saw the car that the winner would be picked up in. I befriended the driver, and he let me hop in the car. The race ended, and he drove over to the winner. At this point, we had no idea who he was. His team from the sidelines told us he was “number 2”. Luckily, my trusted driver (now my new bff) had a handy sheet with everyone’s names on it. He told me it was Australian Matt Goss with Team Columbia. I was sure hoping he was right! I was listening to traffic on the live air cue in my headset and the editor back in the newsroom asked if the anchor should toss to me next. Meanwhile, the winner was being toweled off. I told the editor back in the newsroom I needed a few more seconds. The traffic report was ending just as the winner was walking to the getaway car. I told them, “toss to me next!” The anchor introduced me just as the winner got into the car! Luckily he was ready to chat (and I got his name right)! We drove around the art museum and stopped at the start/finish line, in front of the KYW tent, just as I finished my interview! That’s when everyone saw me hop out of the car, and then all the other reporters and photographers descended upon the winner. What a major score for me! Not only getting an interview, but getting and exclusive live!!!!

I was done my duties for the day, and next we were off to go hang out with Marlo at her pool!

That evening, I learned what an amazing chef Dan is! We picked up some ingredients and cooked together, capping the night off with a great dinner.

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