Monday Playday

May 17, 2010

More fun with my nieces and nephew in the suburbs!

You don’t have to leave the neighborhood to have a great time! Aviva, Leo and I started our day of playing outside, on their tire swing.

I also snapped a bunch of videos of them playing on the tire swing. For some reason, they just love bumping into the tree. It makes them laugh and laugh! Maybe one day the kids will explain to me why that’s so funny…

I just love watching them laugh!

They also have another kind of swing that Tamir attached to the tree:

After all that swinging, we went off and did a little bike riding! Actually, Aviva and Leo did the bike riding and I walked alongside them. As they got more and more confident on their bikes, my walk turned into a jog. I actually had my bicycle with me and planned to bike with them, but I think Aviva was a little worried about me not being able to watch her if she falls. I think she got over her fear of falling, today! (At least I hope so!) We biked a lot, and they were really good at it!

I love how Leo’s watching out for Aviva!

We rode our bikes (well, I jogged) all the way to the park!

There was a lot of playing to be done!

Aviva wanted to see how long she could hang onto the bar. She’s a champion at hanging on!

I was tired. I had a moment of rest when Aviva and Leo agreed to lay down in the grass with me and look up at the sky.

Aviva took this photo of Leo and I:

More photos:

Walking back to the bikes:

We biked back to the house for a moment… I grabbed my wallet and then we were off again!

For ice cream!

Aviva told me that she LOVED that we were eating ice cream before dinner! I loved it, too. (After all, fun things happen with aunt Hadas!!!)

Back home in their driveway, the kids got stuck on their bikes. I love this video, it totally cracks me up!!!

Back at their house, Ellie is now up from her nap. Here she is with her mommy in the background!



And we’re off for half-priced sushi! Yay!

Tamir and Ellie entertain us before the sushi arrives:

And then the sushi arrives!

After dinner, it’s bedtime! Ellie wants a story.

But everyone’s rowdy.

Three little monkeys jumping on a bed!!!!!

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