Happy Hours and Salsa

May 12, 2010

(Not to be confused with chips and salsa)

When life gives you lemons….

…scoop them out and make Positano lemon drop limoncello shots!!!

Positano Coast Restaurant held it’s annual kick-off party for their (summertime) Sopra Lounge!

Christa found me as soon as I walked through the door.

Dana was right behind her and jumped into the shot, too!

I saw Gerri and Josh.

And then walked around to go explore the back room at Positano Coast/Sopra Lounge:

Ran into several others. Allison came as soon as she found parking, and soon we were off to the next party!

We walked over to the Visitor’s Center for the Philadelphia Weekly Image Awards.

Had some cheese, chatted with my friend Al, (Actually, he’s everyone’s friend Al from the Visitor’s Center! Mr. Philly!) did a quick podcast, and then it was off to Salsa!

I’m so glad Allison asked me to take this Salsa dance class with her. It was so much more fun than I imagined, and I LOVE to dance! I expected there to be more women than men, but there were exactly 17 men and 17 women! It was perfect! It was so much fun to learn and then dance my newly learned Salsa moves! (Don’t ask me to do them again, I’m not sure I’ll remember the steps…)

The instructor at Brasil’s was a firecracker! She was so much fun! Must return for another lesson. It was fantastic!

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