Jen and Company

April 30, 2010

Playtime with my nieces, nephew and sister-in-law!

After work, I headed out to the suburbs to play with Aviva, Leo and Ellie. Jen picked me up from the train and we went out to sushi. Leo explained that the train was really loud. It was so cute how excited they were when they saw me! I was excited to see them, too!

Here’s Leo, Aviva and I at sushi:

Jen suggested we go watch the sushi chefs make our food at the sushi bar. It was a great idea because young kids have zero attention span! (I know that, but I always forget!) They need to constantly be occupied with something or they’ll start bugging each other.

I tried to take photos of them and they insisted on making silly faces.

When I showed them the silly photos of themselves, they laughed so hard; they thought it was the funniest thing!

Then, sushi! (Better eat fast before the kids get full or bored and start looking for something else to do!)

I love that these kids know how to eat with chopsticks!

Mmmmmmm…. sushi!

Next door to the Fugi Mountain Sushi there was a Chuck E Cheese; so it was off to play!

I’m not sure how much fun Ellie was having….

…But it looked like Aviva was having fun!

Off to play some Skee Ball!

Then it was off to the park for a little outdoor fun!

Someone always cries.

And trying to get everyone together for a photo is a nearly impossible task. I’m laughing because everyone has their own thing going on. Now it’s Aviva’s turn to not be happy, as Leo tries to escape.

Next stop: the swings!

Leo loves being pushed on the swings “underdog” style (when you run underneath the swing) and he’s not afraid to swing high!

Aviva loves the underdog, too. This video is so cute because you can see that Jen is a little afraid of pushing Aviva that high. I know she doesn’t want her to fall… but don’t worry Jen, Aviva holds on to the swings tightly!

Oh, what a fun day!!!

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