Aviva in the City

April 11, 2010

Quality Aunt-Niece Time!

Tamir called me this morning as I got home from the gym to tell me he and Aviva were coming into the city. He was coming in to do a real estate open house, which would give Aviva and I a few hours of playtime, if I was available. Well, of course I’d love to play! Tamir actually had this idea that maybe Aviva would want to help him with his open house. Luckily, I convinced him to let me take her to nearby Three Bear Park, which I think was more in line with 4-year-old entertainment.

Off to the park with Aunt Hadas!

There was a lot to play on. Swings…

The slide and jungle gym…

And of course, the bear statues at Three Bear Park!

All that fun made us hungry for snacks.

There were lots of other kids Aviva’s age at the park. There was a little girl who wanted to be friends with her. Aviva was a little shy, and soon we decided to head back.

As we were leaving the park, we found some flowers.

We stopped to buy crayons and then saw some kids playing in the fountain at Headhouse Square. She so badly wanted to join in, too! Tamir stopped by for a bit and we told Aviva it was okay to play, but since we didn’t have a change of clothes, we told her to be careful not to get soaking wet. It was cute to see her cautiously maneuver in the fountain around the other kids and around the water.

We went over to Rita’s for ice cream and came back to the fountain to eat it.

Later, Aviva used those crayons I bought her to draw a picture for me. I love it. I’m keeping it on my refrigerator!

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