Sunday In The Park

April 4, 2010

Beautiful Day!

I had such an awesome day in the park hanging out with friends and just relaxing in the sun.

I taught my gym class in the morning, stopped by Allison’s house and then headed off to the park to meet Marlo.

I laid out a blanket and she joined me to read our books, talk and play matkot (sort of like ping-pong, except without a table and with a little rubber ball).

Sherri came and joined us, too!

After a couple hours of hanging out, I went off to pick us up some snacks…. on my way back to the park I ran into a fake Michael Jackson. He was so funny, I had to get a picture! I think he was getting ready to dance for tips or something like that. I gave him a dollar to snap these photos. It looked like a lot of effort to dress up like that and put on all that makeup!

I came back to the blanket and laid out our goodies.

Marlo’s friend Lynn chipped in on the snacks and joined us, too!

We enjoyed Rittenhouse Square Park until the sun went down. Everyone was out! Then Allison came and hung out with us…. she had left the city shortly after I stopped by her house in the morning, had an Easter meal with her family, and we were still in the park!

It really was great to just relax outside and hang out with my friends all day. This nice weather is certainly helping my mood.

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