Allison’s Birthday

March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Allison!

There’s something about traveling with someone that brings you closer to them, no matter what. Allison and I backpacked through Southeast Asia together on a whim. I love that! We discovered on our trip, our shared love for karaoke…. and there was no better way to celebrate her 30th bday than with a karaoke bday party!

All I can say about her party, is that it was so super fun! Good sushi, drinks and company — and everyone was so into it! It was the best!

More people arrive….


And of course there was birthday cake!!!!

But there was no knife… so our resourceful Allison cut the cake with a chopstick:

We ate with chopsticks, too!

Bday shots:

More singing, eating and photos!

Allison then gave out party favors — ribbons for all of us singers! They said something like “superstar” or “good try” or something.

Nicole was extra excited to get one.

As the night began to wind down, Jonathan came alive!

We sang a few more songs at the end — Survivor, some Justin Timberlake song… and Hey Ya twice! Then we all stumbled out into the street. (Not because of the drinks, but my stilettos were killing me!) and Melissa and Jonathan gave me a lift home. Happy birthday Allison!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Allison’s Birthday”

  1. allison Says:

    Thanks Hadas!! I’m so lucky to have a photo-video-journalist to document my 30th birthday party :) I had such a great time and think we need to karaoke more often! Too much fun, love ya!!!

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