Library Fun

February 22, 2010

Fun with the neices and nephew

I spent my afternoon off in the suburbs with Leo and Aviva. The first order of business was an art project!

Poor Jen had her hands full all day. Literally.

Soon after Aviva and Leo finished painting, I got to take them to the Upper Dublin library. It was fun to have a change of scenery, even if we would be doing the same things at the library that we would be doing at home — playing and reading.

We had a blast, and those kids made me laugh!

I must’ve read about ten books to Aviva and Leo. I let them choose books, and I chose books for us, too. They got excited about the blue egg chairs.

I think it was the blue egg chairs that gave them static hair.

When the kids started to flop on the couch, I figured they were tired and it was time to go. They hung in there pretty good, though. We were there for nearly two hours.

Back at home, the kids played for a bit. Tired Leo got re-energized with his trains. I thought it was so cute watching him play quietly by himself.

Then, as promised, Jen gave them ice cream for being so good!

When it was time for bed, Tamir showed me how well Aviva and Leo know their art.

What fun! The next day, Jen told me Leo said he wanted to go back to the library with Aunt Hadas. I love that!!!

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