Maldives, Bon Voyage!

January 18, 2010

Goodbye, Paradise!

I got up early, packed my bags, went to breakfast and got ready to go.

I felt a pang of sadness as I strolled the beaches on last time, but I was happy to soon be returning to my life in Philadelphia.

I started chatting with one of the women in charge of coordinating flights, and she told me some interesting things about the Maldives. Apparently, the Maldives as a huge youth drug problem. Apparently, there’s nothing to do there so lots of the kids turn to drugs. There are no universities in the Maldives — and the kids can’t even play sports outside during the day because it’s just too hot. I can’t imagine livine there. I would get bored! But it was a wonderful end to my India vacation.

As I was leaving, a new group of travelers was arriving. Some of the island workers gathered to greet them with drumming and singing. (I think that one clapping guy on the end is throwing the group off beat, haha!)

Goodbye Maldives!!!!!!

I took some amazing island photos on the seaplane as I left.

And if you look closely at this atoll you can see that it’s already totally submerged underwater!!!

It’s a long journey home. I’m just at the halfway point, now. After my 10 hour layover in London, I fly to Washington DC before catching a connecting flight home to Philly. I expect to be wrecked. Hopefully the jetlag won’t hit me too hard!

The next day….

Got home, tried to keep my eyes open. Mike met me at the airport and we went out to dinner. I went to bed early… and then got up very early. That’s when I decided to use the quiet pre-dawn hours to my advantage; uploaded my photos and videos onto my blog! After nearly 3 weeks of dealing with bad internet connections and snail-slow uploads, I was shocked at how quickly I was able to post my pics and videos!!!!! Wow! They uploaded literally within seconds. Ahh, it’s good to be home. How I appreciate living in a fully developed city with infrastructure and working modes of communication. I’ve missed you, Philly!!!!

5 Responses to “Maldives, Bon Voyage!”

  1. # 1 Fan Says:

    My dear Hadas,
    Welcome home!
    I’m glad that you enjoied the Maldieves and made new friends.
    I hope to see you before we leave for our “standard and ordinary” vacation.

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Hi, mom!
      I’ll give you a call as soon as I log off. I saw that you called yesterday, but I was so tired I just had to go to sleep! Have a great vacation — can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. gal hen Says:

    היי הדס מהשלומך. אני כל כך שמח ליראות אתך.
    ואת שני הקטנים שלך אגב הם ממש מטריפים וחומדים אגב גם לי יש שני ילדים חמודים
    אשמח מאוד אם תישמיר על קשר

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Wow, Gal! Ani meod smecha sheh matzatah oti! Hayeladim b’tmoonot hem lo hayeladim shi, hem hayeladim shel achi. Ani rotzah lidaber od, ani echtov lecha b’email haprati shelcha v’neeyeh bekesher… Hadas

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