January 10, 2010

Pink City

Jaipur is known as the pink city, but it’s really kind of a salmon orange color. Our first stop was Hawa Mahal, a structure beilt for the “women of the court” to watch street processions.

This is one of the main signature structures of Jaipur; It’s on all the postcards.

Next it was off to the world’s largest outdoor astronomical observatory, which was kind of cool. Our guilde taught us to read the time on the giant structures. I guess folks were really into that sort of thing (and probably still are) because they need information about upcoming rainy seasons.

More palaces…

On our way to the king’s sumer palace, I saw an elephant there in the traffic!

After lunch, me, Neenah and Jusdave were off for an elephant ride of our own!

There was a wildlife reserve in the area where our elephant walk was held. We saw tigers.

Next it was off to see another fort – Jaigarh Fort. (These historical folk were super into their wars!)

We could see the view all around!

We mistakenly thought we’re looking at one of the palaces, but actually we’re looking at Amber Fort, which Hans Raj wanted us to see, but it was closed when we got there, so we settled for a few photos.

As the sun began to set, we hit thr road on the long drive back to Delhi. Traffic was so bad in the dark (apparently that’s when all the trucks get on the roads. They’re not allowed to make deliveries during the day.) I was a little scared of the traffic and Neena told me to just close my eyes. We plugged my y-splitter into my ipod and both listened to calming music in the dark, until we safely arrived at Neena’s aunt and uncle’s home.

2 Responses to “Jaipur”

  1. # 1 Fan Says:

    Hi Hadas,
    I’m glad to read that you have such a good time. Can’t wait to see the videos from the Taj Mahal.
    Love, Mom

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Hi, Mom! I posted the videos from Agra of the Taj Mahal! They’re on the blog now, if you want to see them. Love, Hadas

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