December 11, 2009

The first night, with my family

On the first night of Hannukah, Mike and I ventured out to the suburbs where Tamir and Jen live for a little family time during this winter holiday.

Here we are getting down to business — Tamir shows his kids how to light the candles, as Jen and Isaac play the paparazzi role (okay, me too since I’m filming this).

Then we moved on the Shabbat portion of the evening. I guess if we were really religious I wouldn’t be filming, huh?

Here’s Leo waiting to eat:

Jen made a really nice dinner, complete with bread pudding at the end. The kids didn’t have the patience to sit at the table the whole time, but we certainly got their attention when it was time for presents!

Here are Aviva and Leo opening the presents that Mike and I brought over:

Next, they opened the presents that Isaac (and Courtney) brought over… a doll for Aviva and a golf set for Leo! Great choice of gifts, Isaac!

Then it was time to play. My dad was a great sport, as he played with his grandkids in the kitchen. They had assembled a kitchen chair train, and Aviva and Leo were both using paper plates to steer. I guess he was the kaboose, sitting there on the end. All aboard!

Then we just took some family photos.

Here’s me and Aviva:

Me, mom and Aviva:

Dad, Leo and Tamir:

And I set my camera timer to take a photo of all of us! Me, Mike, Regent the cat, mom, dad, Isaac, Tamir, Jen, Aviva, Leo… and Ellie was upstairs sleeping.

It was getting late and we were getting tired. Of course a holiday party’s not over until someone cries.

Leo, even when you’re crying you’re cute! Happy Hannukah everybody! Thanks for a fun night, Jen and Tamir!

The next day…

Another day, another Hannukah party. Here I am with Mike and my family. Originally, Tamir said he didn’t want me to post this video of Ellie, then he conceeded it’s funny and he allowed me to show it. Ellie, you’re so little and cute!

2 Responses to “Hannukah!”

  1. yudit Says:

    הי מקסים,
    חנוכה שמח לכולם,
    מתעגעגים ואוהבים
    יהודית דוריון והילדים( הגדולים)

    • hakuproductions Says:

      Hi, Yudit! Gam ani mitga’agat! Mah shlom koolam? Ani mikavah sh’nipagesh shoov b’karov! I choshevet livaker b’kayitz. Hannukah sameyach! Ani ohevet sh’atem mistaklim al ha’blog hazeh! Hadas

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