Thanksgiving 2009

November 26, 2009

An Early Start to a Long Day!

I worked on Thanksgiving Day. I got out of bed early to go report on Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, now in its 90th year:

In addition to the marching bands, there were these huge parade balloons, too!

Families at the parade got into the Thanksgiving spirit with their turkey hats:

Later, at my parents’ house, Leo had a hat, too! He was all dressed up for the holiday and greeted us with the American Indian headband he made in nursery school:

We ate dinner and all my nieces and nephews ran around my parents house. Here, Aviva and I get a photo op:

Jen wanted a photo of all the kids together. To do that, she had to bribe them with m&m’s.

Later, it was off to Mike’s parents’ house in Plymouth Meeting to continue our Thanksgiving tour of the suburbs. We sat and chatted over cake. By the time we went home, I was sooooo stuffed.

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