Boyds Party

September 24, 2009

The Secret Room

This was a party night. It started off at Boyds. Shortly after Mike and I arrived, we got into the elevator to go up to the third floor where there was more music and dancing, and we got hijacked by one of the managers of Boyds. There were about five of us in the elvator and he asked if we wanted to go to the floor where all the magic happens. Well, I can’t pass up an adventure! We got off at a secret special room where everyone was working — sewing and doing alterations. A quick detour, before returning to the party.

We saw lots of fun people, there.



Sara, Marlo, Me and Mike:


And Sherri was there, too:



We made it up to one of the upper floors where Jon Gil was DJing:

Then we jet-setted off to the Chestnut Club grand opening:

We ate salads out of oversized martini glasses and had some other interesting food, before hopping on Mike’s motorcycle to South Philly.

We ended up at this shopping party on Passyunk Avenue.


And by the end of the night, I was just exhausted.

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