Camp Galil

August 15, 2009

It’s been a while since I’d been here…

For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to stop into Camp Galil for a visit and to see how it has changed. Mike was open to the idea, so Saturday night we drove out to rural Ottsville, Pa to check it out.

Last time I worked at Camp Galil was in 1995. I had a whole bunch of kids who needed a little extra attention that year. That’s how I got to know Bart Davis, the guy who Mike described as the “Papa Smurf” of the camp. Having 12-13 year olds, I spent a lot of time in his office. Going to his office was like going to the principal’s office. I learned a lot about kids that year, between the homesickness and the boy and girl social issues.

Anyway, it was awesome to see my old friend Bart again:


We got there in time for “Musicaal,” which is sort of like a chilled-out talent show. Bart, Mike and I walked around the camp and looked at all the bunks and some of the structures. Here we are playing on the balance beam in the park:


Of course, a trip to camp wouldn’t be complete without raiding the refrigerator.


We even found some ice cream!


We participated in the summer camp’s hippie version of Havdalah, which is my favorite little Jewish ritual at summer camp. Then, we went down to the campfire and Bart fascinated us with lots of interesting stories. We didn’t leave camp until after midnight.

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