Sunday Dance and Swim

July 26, 2009

Work out and chill

After a late night, Omri, Itay and Neta slept in while I went to teach my morning weights class at the gym.

Later, I went and got my cousins and brought them to the gym with me, where I teach my afternoon dance class. Neta sat and watched while the boys worked out. She would’ve joined us, but after a long walk with sneakers that don’t quite fit, her feet were hurting her a bit.

After class, we took a walk to the other gym where I teach classes, the one with the pool.


Later, Marlo came an picked us up in her car and took us to her place. She has a pool on her roof and it’s my favorite pool in the city. The kids were so impressed by her building, they were asking if she lived in a hotel. It was cute.

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