Neta and I

July 18, 2009

Having Fun in Philly

Everyone was downtown, so after work I went and got Neta. She and her brothers were sleeping over my house Saturday night. Omri and Itay went to see a soccer game with Sagi, who dropped the boys off at my place later. That gave Neta and I a little girl time.

We went and got our nails done, where Neta made friends with two women at the nail salon who were fascinated by her. They asked her where she was from and told her she had such beautiful English (which she does)! They really put her to the test when somehow, they asked her to explain Israeli politics to them. (Yes, in English!)

Afterwards, we took a walk through Love Park.

And then through Center City. Here we are in front of City Hall.


Later we went home and played dress up in my closet. Even though Neta tried to wear a pair of my stilettos, it might be a few years yet before she’s able to comfortably walk in shoes like that! After about two city blocks of walking, she had to put her flip-flops back on.

Omri and Itay met up with us at Anjou, a nearby restaurant. Then it was off to bed!

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