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July 14, 2009

Doryon Family Visit

The day my aunt, uncle and cousins arrived from Israel in Philly was such a long day.

The night before, I decided to spend the whole night cleaning my apartment, so I got very little sleep. I had gone grocery shopping and I was organizing all day to make my place clean, clean, clean. They arrived so early at the airport and Mike took me there on his motorcycle. We didn’t leave as early as we should have though. I had this idea that he would drop me off at the International terminal and I would go find them at baggage claim. Turns out, we pulled up right behind the whole family who surrounded us and got to ogle Mike for the first time. Anyone with a family knows how awkward that can be.

I said goodbye to Mike and hopped in the car with the family, where we rode out to my parents’ house in the suburbs. It was about 6am and I had to work the evening shift. Somehow, I would make it. I was so excited to see everyone!

We got to my parents’ house and decided that the best place to catch up with each other after their long flight would be in the jacuzzi. So Neta, Itay and I hopped in at about 7am.


Then, my dad put Omri to work. Here he is showing him how to clean the pool.


In the living room, we all piled onto the couch next to Safta:


More family photos….


Here’s one with me and Aviva:


Later, I went shopping with the Doryons for a bit. Their first couple of hours in Philly and they were just itching to get to the mall!

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