Biking With Isaac

June 15, 2009

Bonding With My Brother

Isaac, you’re a real sport — literally.


Isaac’s in town visiting from London and mentioned to me how he pulled out his old mountain bike from our parents’ house and started riding again; so we planned to spend my day off biking together, where he’d show me some local trails.

He drove to Conshohocken and biked all the way to the art museum to meet me. Then, we rode out on the trails to the burbs together:

What was supposed to be a one hour bike ride ended up being a two and a half bike ride for (three and half for him, because he rode to the city). We took a wrong turn, and stumbled upon our childhood elementary school! It was such a strange moment for me, once I realized where we were.

We used to live across the street from the school, so Isaac and I rode through our old neighborhood. This was our childhood house:


Across the street, sitting on the porch where her family always sat, was my childhood playmate, Stephanie. I couldn’t believe she was still there!


And she has kids, too! So does her younger sister! Today, they all live in that house where she grew up and her kids play with the kids that live in the house where I used to live.

Stephanie and I had our differences and grew apart, but I still sort of had a bit of a “wow” moment when I saw her. I told Isaac, we took a bikeride into our childhood!

Anyway, I asked Stephanie if she knew the people who live in my old house and she graciously introduced us to the family that lives there, so we could walk around inside and see our rooms.

That house was waaaay smaller than I remembered it as a kid. It was pretty crazy to see my room. I never really got a chance to “say goodbye” to the house. After high school, I went to the Israeli army for two years, thinking I’d return to that home. My parents however, moved away one year into my army service and I never went back to that house.

There was a tree in the backyard off the porch of that house that was so small when we were kids. I remember a photo taken of Isaac in front of that tree with a soccer ball when he was about 6 or so. That tree is huge, now. Here are Isaac and I standing on the back porch of the house with the tree in the background.


Isaac and I talked about how when we dream about our childhood, it’s that particular house we see. It’s wierd. He pointed out though that we did live there for ten years, after all. I have to say it was strange going back. I had great memories with my family in that house and playing with my brothers, but not so great memories of the neighborhood and the neighborhood kids. It was nice to see the house again, but I like the path were my life has lead me and I wouldn’t want to still be there now.

We left Whitemarsh and biked to Conshohocken where Isaac had parked his car. We made it there just in time, too. As soon as we loaded up our bikes, it started to pour.

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