Laura’s Bachelorette Party

June 14, 2009

Two weeks and counting…

Laura’s getting married soon and we all stepped out in style to celebrate! (I love how Whitesnake-esque this photo is of us on the hood of the white limousine.)


We started with a little “pre-game” party at Gretchen’s house who set up a beautiful cocktail party. We agreed not to make Laura wear any penises on her head… but we had to make her wear SOMETHING so on went the veil and pink boa. Here she is with her mom.


And we’re off in a limo!


At Buddakan, we met up with Liz. There, we had some great food and excellent conversation. I don’t think I realized what a firecracker Laura’s mom is! I see where she gets it, now!


Our good mood got even better at the arrival of the most decadent chocolate dessert spread.

Really, can it get better than this?


As we left the restaurant, the street musician outside spotted Laura’s veil and began to play the Bridal March for her. We heard the music and I had to shoot a quick video just as everyone gathered for a photo. I think Laura’s having a little moment here where she’s realizing she’s actually getting MARRIED this month!

Liz had to leave, but the rest of us hopped in the limo to go play on the art museum steps. We popped some champagne at the bottom…



…and ran all the way up the steps in our heels.


Laughed, and took photos of each other.


And admired our city. I know Laura’s gonna miss it when she moves across to the other side of the bridge!


We took a quick shot with Rocky…


and then dropped Laura’s mom off at home before heading out to cause some trouble. Sorry, the girls won’t let me blog the rest of the evening. I’ll leave that to your imagination….

3 Responses to “Laura’s Bachelorette Party”

  1. Mads Says:

    A fantastic evening with a wonderful blog recount!! I had forgotten about the wedding serenade outside the restaurant! Let me know where the super secret posting of the XXX part of the evening shows up (especially the videos!!!)


    • hakuproductions Says:

      You are hilarious! I can’t WAIT to hear what you’re gonna come up with to say in your speech at the wedding! ha! As for the rest of the footage from last night; well, as you may or may know, the batteries in my camera died… so I used YOURS! I put those photos on my computer last night, but all I have to say is don’t let your grandkids scroll through your photos…

  2. keri Says:

    Great website! Here is an early congrats to laura and rich! – keri and mike p. (hopefully we will see you two again before new year’s rolls around again.)

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