Nieces and Nephew!

June 1, 2009

Field Trip to the Fire House

I spent half my day off out in Fort Washington playing with Tamir and Jen’s kids, who are just so cute I want to eat them! (Check out Aviva posing!)


Here we are at the Fort Washington Fire House. We’re sitting inside one of the trucks. Jen had the idea to take them out there when they opened up in the afternoon to go and see the trucks. She went to do a little grocery shopping (I think that was a big break for her to get to go somewhere by herself) while Tamir and I took Aviva, Leo and Ellie up the street.


They LOVED looking at the trucks — especially Leo, whose eyes got so big when they pulled out the ladder truck. Yep, little boys love big trucks.

Here they are messing with the knobs and buttons. Kids will touch anything they can get their hands on, right?


I sure got a workout that day, when Aviva and Leo both wanted to be held.


And here I am with my girl Aviva on my shoulders.


Later, we read my childhood “Caroline” book that I brought, and blew bubbles in the backyard. It doesn’t take much to make kids happy! I just LOVE those kids.

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