Election Day

November 4, 2008

What a Night

THIS was a super crazy news day, of course.  I drove all over the city.  I really love busy news days when I’m all over the place for the top news stories of the night, and this was a really big one. 

There had been a lot of buzz surrounding this particular election, and after having covered the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the 2008 election was especially interesting to me.  

I voted in the late afternoon, then went to work where I picked up a vehicle to go cover a few different angles pertaining to the election and voting on election day.  Then I went over to Marbar where the DJs from Sundae Recordings hosted a watch party.  Everyone had their eyes glued to the TV; and then as soon as the West Coast polls closed, the election was called and everyone went nuts!


Well, this being Philadelphia, the city responsible for keeping the entire state blue, most of the people out on election night were Democrats.  When Obama won, everyone starting freaking out and pouring into the streets. It was like the Phillies championship all over again!

I was in West Philadelphia/University City on Walnut Street and people were honking their horns, hanging out of their cars. Broad Street became the unofficial street to celebrate and everyone was crying, hugging and high-fiving. That night was truly one of those special “news” moments. The kind you replay when you’re recapping historic events.

The reason I thought it was so amazing was because of the incredible energy. Never, had I watched an election in which I really did feel as though every single person in the city was also watching. So many people were participating and as a news reporter, seeing so many people interested in news and politics that night really choked me up.

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