Another Awesome Birthday

September 22, 2008

My friends are just cool.

My birthday week began with me putting off cleaning my condo. I was a super-procrastinator. Finally on Friday, not only did I do a complete clean sweep, I also went shopping for food and drinks… however I had a nearly fully stocked bar left over from my last party. Aw yeah, house parties are the best! I really do enjoy throwing a good party. To me, there’s nothing like being surrounded by my friends.

There were a lot of bottles — but they did a good job going through them! Cleaning up the next day was made easier by the crazy guests who stayed until the end and decided they had OCD and needed to clean. You better believe I was quick to the draw with those trash bags! I think we took out like 5 bags of trash that night.

During the party of course, there were home baked goods. My neighbor Heidi (in this video below) made cupcakes for my birthday. She insisted — she said I’m throwing my own party, I can’t buy my own cake! It was so sweet of her to think of me like that. Heidi — I think the cupcakes and candles are becoming a tradition, now!

Liza and Victor also brought home-baked goods that Liza made. They were gone so fast! Such good bakers. Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate! Folks were up and down between my apartment and my roofdeck. I didn’t go up there — but people kept disappearing. Then I’d think, “Oh, I didn’t say goodbye to that person” and they’d show up a half hour later because they were hanging out upstairs. I felt like it was a packed party — just imagine if I didn’t have that roofdeck! Anyway, thanks everyone for coming. You really made my night. I’m a happy birthday girl.

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