DNC: Day 4 — OPRAH!

August 28, 2008

Elevator Madness!

This was an insane DNC moment. The Obama speech is over and everyone is wrapping up. I was heading back up to the Press Box. We stopped on the second floor and some people got off, some people got on the elevator. There were so many people I was just rying to pack myself up against the elevator wall so I wouldn’t be in the way. All of a sudden there’s a huge commotion in the elevator and I quickly realize Oprah Winfrey and her crew just got on with us! I whip out my video camera to capture the moment. As you can see from this video, I’m totally star-struck and don’t know what to say. “What did you think of Obama’s speech?” would’ve been a good question. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think. I should’ve also asked her for a car. Or a plane — or a house!

Then, on the press floor the guards ask for credentials — which I had — so I got by. I’m standing in front of Oprah, just looking at her, abd I don’t know what to say. Apparently, she cried off her eyelashes during the speech and didn’t want to be photographed, so she did this little dance and song in whcih she said, “no, no, no!” She was very nice. Luckily, other reporters got wind the she was there and they started asking her questions about the DNC. I pulled out my recorder and was able to make a news story out of the tape I had. Oprah then saw the Obama campaign volunteers and got very excited. I was excited too, but by that time, I wanted to wrap everything up. It was late. I went back to the radio room screaming, “I just met Oprah in the elevator!”

I ran into Roxanne from CBS and she and I made our way through the busses out of Invesco Field. It was nuts out there. We couldn’t find a bus and she somehow convinced a security guard to drive us to my car. We went over to the CNN Grill to have a drink on the last night, after filing our stories. We were both exhausted and after talking for a bit — to each other and other reporters — we were ready to call it a night. I gave her a ride home and drove back to my hotel room where I totally crashed out.

One Response to “DNC: Day 4 — OPRAH!”

  1. Terri Levine Says:


    That was one wild OPRAH elevator ride!

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