DNC: Day 2 (evening)

August 26, 2008

The Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

Day two getting into the Pepsi Center. Security was starting get a little more hectic as the week wore on. They had a lot of metal detector machines set up, so we walked through pretty fast. Once we were in though, we were in for the night. No going in an out of this place, it was just too much of a pain to go back and forth. Here I am getting ready for a full night of DNC reporting!

Turns out there are a lot of celebrities who are active democrats, interested in the Democratic National Convention — like Charles Barkley of the NBA! (Man, in he tall.)

All the radio and TV stations had their particular set-ups at the Pepsi Center. As I was heading to the radio penthouse, I had to pass all the other stations. This particular spot in the Center was called “Talk Show Row.” It’s where talk shows broadcasted live from the DNC. Guests would walk through and talk to shows in one city after another. I caught Charles Barkley with my camera, after he had just finished a couple of interviews on Talk Show Row.

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