DNC: pre-convention

August 23, 2008

Democratic National Convention, Denver 2008

My work sent me to the DNC.

Did you hear that? I said I got to do to the DNC!!!

It was so exciting to go cover this historic convention. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I surely did not know what I was getting myself into. I left for Denver the Saturday before the convention actually started. This is me at Philadelphia International Airport:

The big news on that day I left was that Senator Joe Biden of Delaware had been selected as Barack Obama’s VP… so of course once the fasten seatbelts sign went off I started wandering up and down the aisle asking who was from Delaware. The plane was full of delegates headed to the DNC. I found a DE delegate and she informed me that the Delaware Democratic Party Chairman was sitting in first class. Of course, after I was told that, I crossed the first class curtain looking for him. I sat there in the aisle with my recorder and interviewed him until they kicked me out of first class and told me to please go back to my seat. Yeah, yeah. As a reporter, I’m used to it. I sat down and edited my stories and filed them for the station in Baggage Claim as soon as we landed in Denver. Speaking of Baggage Claim, look who I ran into there!

Frankie Beverly is a Philadelphia singing celebrity who recently got a plaque on the Philadelphia walk of fame on Broad Street. He’s not exactly from my era of music, but I recognized him because his plaque was a news story I recently had to cover for my radio station before heading out to the DNC.

One Response to “DNC: pre-convention”

  1. Terri Levine Says:

    You certainly get in to high places;)

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