Marlo’s Pool, A Musical With the Family

June 8, 2008

Marlo’s Pool

I LOVE Marlo’s pool. It’s on the top of her 30-story building. She’s so much fun to hang out with. We had a stretch of extremely hot days in a row and the pool was the most fun thing to do. This is us hanging out before I met up with my family. My aunt, auncle and cousins on my mom’s side were all in town for Isaac and Courtney’s wedding. This was towards the end of their trip to Philadelphia. I had to go meet up with them because my mom got us tickets to go see Les Miserables at the Walnut Street Theater… so after some swimming early in the day, it was time to go!

Safta’s Hot

The heat was unrelenting. After we went to see Les Miserables, we went for ice cream and then dad went to ge tthe car. It took a while, because the cars at the theater parking garage got towed to another lot after it closed, so he had to go find the car. We waited and waited and here Isaac and Itay fanned Safta with their play programs.

Post Les Miserables

Everyone seemed to enjoy the play. Unfortunately, I missed the beginning. I thought it started at 8pm, but it actually started at 7pm. I thought I would be early, but when I got there at 7:40, I was actually 40 minutes late. That made it a little difficult to follow.

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