The Flight Home

May 20, 2008

Heathrow Again

Here I am, back at Heathrow for my NINTH and final plane ride of this crazy trip. What an amazing time. I’m at the airport blogging about my thoughts. It’s all one long blur of a great time.


Looking for something to do, I snuck off into the airplane bathroom to blog.

Neverending Flight

Yep, still bored on the flight.

Getting Picked Up

Finally, I touch down in Philly! My friends Grace and Esther come and pick me up! Oh, it’s so wonderful to be home and to see my friends!

Home and Rested

After 12 hours of sleep, I’m ready for work. The day after I returned, it rained a lot. I was going to go out on the roofdeck and blog, but it was too wet. What a great time, I had! I need to process it. when I got to work, my boss and the others who helped me with my blogs told me I did a great job and they enjoyed my trip right along with me. What compliments, what fun!

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