London! Part 1

May 16, 2008


This was the last leg of my trip. London was the stop-over I took on my way home to Philly, after my middle east adventures. It was great to visit my younger brother Isaac and his fiance Courtney. He’s such a jokster. Isaac, you crack me up! This video is of my arrival at Isaac and Courtney’s place. She was still at work when I arrived, but Isaac was there to greet me (and carry my bags — thanks, Isaac!)


Apparently, the talk of the underground art world in London right now is this graffiti artist called “Banksy.” Isaac took me to an underpass recently tagged by Banksy overnight. It’s an area that we walked by all weekend long. There were always people there admiring the graffiti and taking photos of it. It was pretty cool, and some of the art changed a little bit over the weekend. I guess Banksy or someone from his art crew would come by at night and paint or re-paint different sections under the bridge.


Courtney joins us for drinks and dinner! It was nice to have some relaxed time alone the happy couple before their trip to Philly later in the month for their hectic wedding.

London Eye

The view from the London Eye. It’s in Isaac and Courtney’s neighborhood and overlooks the entire city.

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