Israel Turns 60: PART SEVEN

May 9, 2008

Street Food 1

There’s nothing like street food in Israel.

Fruit… yum!

Street Food 2

Donuts… yum!

Street Food 3

Nuts… yum!

Bus To Tel-Aviv

Grace and I leave Netanya and head to Tel-Aviv, where we’re gonna celebrate Israel’s 60th Independence Day.

Hadas and Yael

Grace films me and Yael, my friend who served in the Israeli army with me.

Independence Day Fireworks!

Yael and Yogev take Grace and I to HaYarkon Park in Tel-Aviv where thousands are celebrating.

Concert in HaYarkon Park

One of my favore Israel bands, Monica Sex, played in the park. Here we are eating cotton candy and singing an old song — we also ran into Yogev’s friend, Tamir.


Once the concert was over, the DJs took over and turned the park into a club. Infected Mushroom hit the turntables and made everyone dance!


Post party, the next day. We’re beat and we look it.

3 Responses to “Israel Turns 60: PART SEVEN”

  1. Terri Levine Says:


    Now I want to go back to Israel and eat! They have the best food even on the streets.

  2. Terri Levine Says:

    What hotel are you on the roof deck of? I stayed in Tel Aviv last summer at a small boutique hotel and the name escapes me and I am certain this was the roof deck!

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